Weddings at a Dog Kennel

Parks and love have always gone hand in hand. The same goes for parks and pets as well as pets and love. Now it is possible to share even more love with our four-legged companions at the Animal Park of Florence (Parco degli Animali) in Ugnano. The space is opening its doors for more than just dogs: very soon, the Municipality intends to make the kennel accessible at weddings to share such a momentous occasion (with or without the couple’s dog) with its four-legged friends.

This addition of a marriage venue was announced at the inauguration of the heated above ground pool at the kennel. Partnering with the Red Cross, some of the dogs can also be put through various training camps to assist people. With the new pool, canines can now be trained for water rescues and are able to assist lifeguards.

These new inclusions, both for humans and animals, add to the school’s repertoire of training, adding to developing social projects aimed at schools and people with disabilities. Meant to build a solid relationship between dog and handlers, the courses are carried out over the average of one year.

Established in 2011, the park has worked as a learning center and loving playtime for the pets, hosting over 500 dogs through their program. Cared for by volunteers and workers alike, the dogs are brushed, walked, and played with to their hearts’ content. Teaching, fun, and love, a lot of happy memories are waiting to be shared between humans and their animal friends. Such joyous things are constant companions at the Animal Park of Florence. (cassandra yeam)